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What is T-NES POWER?

T-NES POWER is an adhesive biotechnological Medical Device, made by italian researchers (dim 6 cm x 7 cm) designed using nanotechnology materials, superconductors, in order to transfer a biophysical signal (Extremely Low Frequency) to nerve, muscle and vascular cells to optimise their oxygenation and recovery.

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Optimised body electrical flow

Did you know that your body produces electricity? T-NES POWER taps on the electrical network in your body, optimises oxygen transport and immediately increases your physical performance. With T-NES POWER, the electrical signals in your body are conducted more effectively and efficiently, providing excellent results with muscle recovery and performance.


Excellent effects on muscle contraction and breathing

Prevent injuries

Less free radicals and DOMS keeping the tissues more oxygenated

Facilitate Recovery

Recovery in real time during training sessions and work outs



Italian National Canadian Canoe


CrossFit competitor and coach


Area Zero Pro Team

Backed By Science

T-NES backed by science, tests pm athletes
T-NES backed by science, tests pm athletes


Our athletes, comprising of 60 triathletes, also notice a real-time approximate average decrease of 6.5% in heart rate 13% in blood lactate.

What They SAy About us

"I recommend everyone try this innovative device because the body recovers much better and you can push much more! And all without chemicals, very good!"

– Marco Segatel, 23 Gold Medals High Jump M55

"I absolutely did not expect these results from a device that does not release chemicals, great!"

– Cristiamo Iommetti, IFBB PRO ELITE MP European Champion

"After about a month of use I experienced a 5% increase in maximum strength!"

– Nicolae Cracium, Italian National Canadian Canoe

"While you are training, it doubles your performance!"

– Melissa Zino, Wellness Enterpreneur / Fit Chef

"The DOMS are now just a memory."

– Giovanni De Carolis, WBA 2 times world champion

"In a particular running test, I managed to shorten my usual run time by 12 seconds, I have never achieved that in my whole life. Seeing is believing."

– Giovanbattista Venditti, Italian National Rugby Team

Advocates wanted

T-NES POWER is listed in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate), AUST L/R/ARTG no 312130 as Medical Device Included Class 1